My Natural Hair Journey

My natural hair journey began the day I was born, I always had long, thick, natural curly hair, now what i’m about to tell you next may be shocking to some of you. I have never had a relaxer before! Yeah I said it, I never had the so called creamy crack! I remember in grade school I use to beg my mother to let me get a relaxer, but she would never let me…thank GOD! I would always ask for a relaxer because back then I really didn’t know how to do my hair. I thought my hair was just a big frizzy mess because I was uneducated about what products to use in my hair. In elementary school my hair was pretty healthy because of low manipulation, I wore it in a low bun everyday. Middle school is where my problems all began… I would straighten my hair almost everyday to get it bone straight! I loved it though because my hair was long and lovely, but little did I know I was causing major damage. By the time I got to high school my hair kept breaking off, but I guess that didn’t seem to bother me because I still straightened my hair and I even colored it like 3 different times, thats crazy! It wasn’t until 11th grade when I decided to start a heatless hair journey because I noticed all the damage. My heat damage was so bad that it looked like I had a relaxer! I had no curl pattern at all, I basically had to transition from heat damage. 11th-12th grade I mostly wore my hair in protective hair styles like buns, twists, and braids. After doing all of that I noticed that my hair was growing back, it was down my back again but I still had a lot of heat damage. So after I graduated high school I decided to cut all my heat damage off and boy was it a lot. My hair went from being down my back, to collar bone length, it took me a while to get use to it, but it felt so good! I could run my fingers through my hair with no tangles! For the first year I rarely wore my natural hair down, I mainly wore it in buns and ponytails. After a while I started experiencing a lot of growth because I was taking care of my hair, it began to flourish. Since it was getting longer I wore it down more often and I was loving it! Fast forward to now, I still love it! Cutting my heat damage was the best thing I could have done for my hair. I will forever be proud of my natural hair.


One thought on “My Natural Hair Journey”

  1. In middle school all I use to do was use my flat iron daily! I fried all my hair off and now I just big chopped, I have a long journey ahead.


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